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A British department store, Debenhams, introduced size 16 mannequins earlier this year to a lot of fanfare. There was also some criticism, with some UK health experts saying the mannequins encouraged obesity. but we think that it would be a unstopping trend for the plus size mannequins to be used for the shops. we have also some nice models plus size mannequins to offer, and you are welcome to .....
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  Window design seems far from china as we all know, fashion is not in china. Fashion is in milan, paris,london, new york. With the booming of the fashion business in china, the fashion companies they also start to do something on their windows. As a mannequins manufacturer, we just show some street fashion companies window in shanghai china. We have most of the mannequins on the pictures.....
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We work for lots of big brands. Our mannequins are sold around the world, and displayed for their amazing windows with their fantastic visual design and work



Don¡¯t know how to display the kids wear window?

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How about select the children mannequins from JOLLYDISPLAY? Please see the window with our children mannequins. We have different serials children mannequins from baby ages to teenager ages. They could have different mannequins heads such as abstract head, egg head, realistic head, sculpture head.   We could also do the sculpture work with your ideas to make your own collection mannequin.....
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Garments displayed on mannequins sell 43% faster

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  NEW DELHI: Local authorities in Mumbai may have banned skimpily clad mannequins on the bizarre ground that they may trigger sexual abuse on women, but Indian retailers are lapping up these life-size toys for their uncanny ability to sell fashion. Retailers say garments displayed on mannequins sell much faster than others; hence they want to display all their styles on perfectly shaped, tal.....
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